Company Profile

Company Name Green Aqua Co., Ltd.
Location 2 Chome-3-12 Hayadōriminami, Kita-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken 950-3375, Japan
Founded January 2023
Business Activities Wholesale and retail of baby and children goods, Pet supplies, Aquarium Products, Security and Self-defense products, Electronics.
Representative Director Hiroki Suda
Main Banks JAPAN POST BANK Co., Ltd. The Japan Net Bank, Limited. Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

【Baby Goods Division】

Official Importer in Japan

【Pet Supplies】


【Security Equipment】

Imitations and Copies

We Green Aqua sell My Brest Friend, J.L. Childress, and Baby Tooth Album, Kalencom products as the official importer in Japan.
We are very thankful to have many wonderful customers.
However, as these are popular products, in recent years we have confirmed the existence of imitation products.
We started an investigation regarding this with our legal advisors and the legal advisors of the manufacturers (America), as this is something that impacts the safety of children.
We ask you to please read the information below regarding this matter.

●Sale of Imitation Products Online
We often find cases where imitation products are sold online along with the official pictures and explanations of the products. They also post pictures of the packaging and user’s manual, making it hard to tell if it’s an imitation product.

●Safety Issues with Imitation Products
The safety of imitation products has not been confirmed. There is the risk of falling or other damage.

●About the Warranty
We are the manufacturer certified official importer in Japan of My Brest Friend, J.L. Childress, Baby Tooth Album, and Kalencom.
We check each of the products in order to guarantee your child’s safety as well as the quality of the products.
*For information regarding the warranty period and terms please see the official site of the manufacturer.
The products that are under warranty are limited to those bought directly from the manufacturer or our company, the official importer in Japan.
Due to this, we do not allow any after services, returns, etc. on products not bought from our online shop or through other dealers.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

●Current Action
With the help of our legal advisors and the manufacturer we are working to banish imitation products.

【Legal Advisors】

【Manufacturer’s Official Site】
Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.
J.L. Childress (J.L. Childress Japanese)
Baby Tooth Album (Baby Tooth Album Japanese)
My Brest Friend (My Brest Friend Japanese)
The Kalencom Corp.