About Green Aqua

History of Green Aqua

January 2010 Founded Green Aqua
February 2010 Start to sell pet supplies, electronics, and security equipment as an official retailer
September 2011 Start to sell Baby Tooth Album as the official retailer of Baby Tooth Album, Inc.
September 2013 Start to sell J.L. Childress products as the official importer in Japan as a result of signing a contract with J.L. Childress Co.
May 2014 Start to sell Zenoff Products (My Brest Friend) as the official retailer of Zenoff Products, Inc.
April 2015 Start to sell Baby Tooth Album as the official importer in Japan as a result of signing a contract with Baby Tooth Album, Inc.
August 2015 Start to sell My Brest Friend as the official importer in Japan as a result of signing a contract with Zenoff Products, Inc.
August 2017 Start to sell Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (LectroFan) as the official retailer of Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.
March 2019 Start to sell Potette as the official importer in Japan as a result of signing a contract with The Kalencom Corp.

Corporate Identity

We, Green Aqua, aims to contribute to the happy lives of people and support children around the world by spreading the world's best products.
Green Aqua is a company that contribute to people by developing human resources who can go along with the wave of the times.

About Our Products

We, Green Aqua, is working on our sales activities to introduce excellent products from overseas to Japanese people.
Green Aqua is the exclusive distributor of "My Brest Friend", "J.L. Childress", "Baby Tooth Album" and "Potette” in Japan.
All of these products are developed by mainly “women with parenting experience" and are designed to reflect the needs of the parenting ages.
Green Aqua is the exclusive distributor of "LectroFan" in Japan.
“LectroFan" is a product made with the aim of making people's lives more comfortable.
In addition, all of the above products have our own long-term warranty.

About major brands

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.

LectroFan is a product that generates white noise with a unique algorithm to provide a good sleep environment and an environment that enhances concentration. 4 types of white noise that drowns out ambient noise, 5 types of fan sounds that are soft sounds having the same effect as white noise, and relaxing wave sounds can be generated at a loud volume despite the small body.
White noise has the effect of drowning out surrounding noise, so it is ideal for business trips, travel&business use, improving your concentration, and good sleep for you and babies.

J.L. Childress Co.

We sell their products as they combine excellent functionality with a simple, sophisticated design.

Baby Tooth Album, Inc.

A baby tooth album made in America from the experience of a dentist. We sell the Baby Tooth Album that was born from the idea that baby teeth can be saved to create lasting memories.

Zenoff Products, Inc.

My Brest Friend is a nursing pillow made in America. It’s sold in 35 countries and used in over 700 maternity clinics. This pillow is designed to solve many of the challenges moms face when nursing. This product reduces the amount of stress put on the body including the shoulders, back, neck, etc.

The Kalencom Corp.

For the past 17 years, Potette Plus has supported potty training for millions of children as a foldable auxiliary toilet seat and as a reusable potty and portable toilet.
With a toilet that can be used wherever and whenever needed, children get happy, and dads and moms have no stress!
The popularity of Potette Plus spread all over the world through word of mouth of moms who actually realized its goodness.