J.L. Childress

About J.L. Childress

In recent years the amount of large shopping malls is growing and many of the customers bring their kids shopping with them.
J.L. Childress is particularly focused on creating products that making going out places with kids easier. They make stroller accessories and car seat bags with designs that are simple so they are easy to match with any stroller or child car seat.

Their products are not traditional childcare products. They have become popular in both the United States (*1) and Japan (*2) for their innovation.
(*1: 3 products in the top 5 Amazon America car seat travel bags division in January 2015)
(*2: Top product in the Amazon Japan stroller bottle holder division and the car seat bag division in January 2015)

We started to sell their products as an official retailer in 2011 but after gaining much success, in 2013 we began to sell their products as the exclusive agency in Japan.

Popular Products

Cups 'N Cargo Stroller Organizer
Cargo 'N Drinks Parent Tray
Bottles 'N Bags Stroller Organizer
Sip 'N Safe Console Tray
Side Sling Stroller Cargo Net
Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp
Clip 'N Carry Stroller Hooks
Food 'N Fun Toddler Tray
Cup'N Stuff Stroller Cup Holder
Standard & Dual Stroller Travel Bag