Baby Tooth Album

About the Baby Tooth Album

The Baby Tooth Album uses a cute motif of the Tooth Fairy to create a very unique baby tooth album.
The Tooth Fairy is a fairy that gives children coins or presents in exchange for lost teeth.
In Europe and America, children place their lost teeth under their pillows when they go to sleep. The legend says that the next morning the children will find coins or a present underneath their pillow.
We hope that you use this product to remember your precious memories with your children.

The Baby Tooth Album is a place to store your child’s lost teeth and remember memories.
・You can store your child’s lost teeth and write down the date it happened.
・Since it’s an album you can store it in a bookshelf or with photo albums.
・There are also pages to put pictures of your child when they lost their teeth.
・It’s also great as a present.
・Dentists who were raising children developed it.

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Baby Tooth Album Flap Book blue
Baby Tooth Memory Book
Baby Tooth Memory Book
Tooth Fairy Kit
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